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How does a Gijinka exacly forgets a move? Do they just "forget it"?




It is a wide-known fact that a gijinka may use up to 4 League-registered moves at a time. Anything outside of that move set is considered illegal, and as a result, finable up to 100,000 pokedollars.

It is possible to know more or less than four moves, but only the registered moves may be used in a battle

Sometimes, a gijinka experiences a flux in chemical balances within their bodies that changes the output of “special” moves. The inability to use a move such as “thundershock”, as in Clare’s case, can be linked to a variety of things:

  • Deficiencies. Gijinka require vastly different nutrients than humans to the point that their diets vary greatly. A high caloric and nutrient rich diet is required to keep healthy stores of energy within a gijinka’s body. In Clare’s case, she is lacking vast amounts of potassium and calcium within her diet. A personal mistake that she should have known better than to overlook. Calcium and Potassium stores are located in a pikachu’s cheeks, digital extremities, and lined within the skin.
  • Stress. Stress affects gijinka in both positive and negative ways. A veteran battler will know exactly how to manipulate their situations around them to stimulate their bodies into action, while rookies often lock up under the pressure, and allow their increasing heart rates and adrenaline rushes to take advantage of their inexperience. Learning how to handle pressure and stress is the most important thing a gijinka needs to learn early on.
  • Environment. Some gijinka moves require input from their surroundings. For example, in order for the move “flamethrower” to be used, an adequate amount of oxygen needs to be present to allow any sort of internal combustion to occur. The atmospheric pressure also plays an important part for many types of moves, but that’s a bit more in depth than I plan to go into this.
  • Mental Health. A sound mind and a sound body confirm a strong attack. A gijinka that is incapable of understanding themselves has no hope in improving their battle skills. For this reason alone, spiritual and mental training is just as important as physical training.

That’s all I can think of for right now! I hope I answered your question!

maxvesta replied to your post:Your nuzlocke is really good ….

cough up them spoilers :V

( just attend one of my streams i’ll probably accidentally end up telling the entire plot and ending one day lmao )

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( you gotta knock down the hopefuls in the beginning so they’re always expecting the worst )

Your nuzlocke is really good .... yet very scary at the same time. I say it is scary because your characters are easy to become attached to! I love all of the characters currently.... and then I remember this is a NUZLOCKE. So it's scary to the fact that one of the characters I liked could die any time in the story :C. But besides that, I freaking love your nuzlocke C:


( thank you so so so so much! i get the honeyglows every time yall send me these cute asks omg….. i’m so happy there’s already attachment to the characters even though we’re only almost 8 pages in! <3 it gives me lots a hope for the soul crushing deaths that will inevitably occur. )


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye EXTENDED

I have a feeling that this may have been asked somewhere along the line, but why did you decide to do a gjinka run versus a normal pokemon run? (I'm thinking about switching from one to another because drawing animals is a goddamn uphill battle for me and i was just wondering what your reasoning is, as well.)



Although, my inability to draw non-humans isn’t the only reason. The theme of the story is much more clear with gijinkas because when they’re human-like, audiences identify better with them. Plus, Makoto’s mom would never let her tiny 14 year old child go travel the country with a small animal as his only protection.

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Doing a nuzlocke comic of XD would be tough. You can always do mini-comics for the pmd when you go into art block, like not the main story but mini adventures and stuff.

( idk maybe! i’m not sure what team i’d use… i would probably start a new file and have to go with the first pokemon i got and with my luck i’d be a psyduck or smth )

list of games i really want to gijinka comic—

  • Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (nuzlocke comic)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time (not a nuzlocke, but definitely a gijinka comic)

list of games i’m currently gijinka comic-ing—

  • shitty ass leafgreen because i have terrible taste

Went and doodled Mega Dizzy with the headcanon that mega evolutions for my gijinkas function similarly to some sentai bullshit.


Went and doodled Mega Dizzy with the headcanon that mega evolutions for my gijinkas function similarly to some sentai bullshit.

Links on writing witty dialogue


Yeah you probably need to work on this, so get to it.


Team Building Friday


The team has just suffered a tragic loss. One of their own has died. How do they react to the news? How do they interact in the aftermath? How do they grieve?