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another anatomy question: for Elli if/when he becomes Charizard do the wings suddenly sprout from his back or does it gradually grow



Neither. Random wings just sprouting from the back would hurt a lot, don’t you think?

The wings are manifested when high levels of aggression or adrenalin enter the system, and they appear, similar to the way ghost types can phase parts of their being out of existence. They seem to be attached to the gijinka physically, but are not, so no clothes are ripped or destroyed (unless the first time they are manifested it is a particularly violent reaction, like in some fire types). Certain species have different ways of manifestation, but for Charizard in particular, it usually is started with a burst or explosion of flame from the gijinka’s back, which seems to give birth to manifested wings. Gijinkas that have had wings for a long time can manifest them on command, and do not require aggressive response.

Wings can also be a form of social status. The broader and more intimidating the wings are, it’s considered a symbol of power or leadership. If the pair or wings are light and made for gliding like a gull, it’s a symbol of long life and a “relaxed” nature.




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deja you are now under arrest pls hand over your ocs

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  • me: what the HELL that is the most fucked up thing i've ever thought of and i can't believe anyone would ever do that to a likable character.......
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: .... *writes it into the comic*

Do Primapes gijinkas get boxing gloves when they evolve or do their hands get really big and red?


While that would be super hilarious, no.
When a Mankey evolves, their knuckles simply swell red and may be sore, but it will eventually go down with time and their bones become harder, so as to prevent easy fractures when using their fists.


yoooo sO HEY, i'm here to ask some worldbuilding asks. \uou/ First of all: how were you able to develop your world thus far? was it in short bursts of inspiration or through methodical planning? what kinds of things did you have to research? *^*


How were you able to develop your world thus far?

Asking general questions first is the way to go. Government, religions, culture, social norms, accents or language. Just like— ask yourself how you can transfer this world with magical creatures and people related somehow to these magical creatures to real life. I wanted it to be a full fledged world that you could imagine yourself being in. After these, ask based on certain topics at a time. (I chose biology and inner workings of gijinkas as one of my first topics because I love investigating the functions of the brain and nervous system ) I also made tons and tons of notes, and I have a document just for citations of useful websites on each subtopic.

Was it in short bursts of inspiration or through methodical planning?

Uhhhhhh eventually it became methodical planning, after I realized that I should make the world-building better. The prologue was just kinda like… “ehhh whatever this’ll be fine” before I realized I should start planning this sort of thing. Around there, it was just short bursts of “YEAH THAT SOUNDS COOL” but now it’s planned out.

What kind of things did you have to research?

Well, how to write a new religion, parts of the brain and their functions, parts of the nervous system and their functions, skeletal musculature, religious views on the afterlife, Canadian slang, Glasgow Coma Scale, writing genderfluid characters, burn classification, and writing good character deaths are a few things I’ve needed to research recently.

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That’d be great! Sinnoh is my favourite generation, and all those mythologies and creation backstories are awesome :D

( can you think of all the WORLDBUILDING i would get to do though /furiously fans self )

( after the update i’m gonna try to make a thing involving Noah and Yugioh )